Project presentation signups

The project presentation signup sheet and instructions are now available. Please sign up for a slot.

Heroku and the Postgre SQL Database

Chris Casola and Chris Page graciously provided this tutorial on using the Postgre SQL database on Heroku. It's a great step-by-step description of how to set up everything to use it. Thanks guys!

Ruby Help Session

This is a reminder that the Ruby help session will be held on Thursday, March 29, at 5:30 in FL320. I expect this to last an hour or so. Bring your laptops and follow along with the examples.

Also, the code from class 9 has been posted. See the schedule for the link.

Project propoal is ready for your input

There is now a proposal form that you should complete for your project. One member of each team (or individual if there are no other team members) should fill it out. The form will be mailed to Prof. Pollice for review. Do this as soon as possible.

Second third of schedule is filled out, assignment 3 posted

I've filled out the schedule for the second third of the course. This is the section on JavaScript and dynamic Web pages. I've also included each of the exam dates. Also, homework assignment 3 is now posted.

Code from class 4 is posted

I have posted links to the the example code from lecture 4 on the Examples page. This includes the HTML table and input examples as well as the server side changes to the server and the helper file that we used to produce the response.

You may want to take the code and experiment with it to try and understand how the server works and how it handles request routing. Looking at Sinatra Up and Running that you can access in Safari Books through the Gordon Library's electronic collection can be useful.

Prefer Eclipse over Aptana on the VM

When I created the original VM I installed Eclipse and Aptana Studio 3. I used Aptana Studio 3 to make the example Getting Started with Heroku movie. Unfortunately, I recorded the movie using my Mac OS X development environment! It turns out that there is a significant error with Aptana Studio 3, stand alone, on Ubuntu Linux that makes it impossible to work directly with Heroku. You can use the IDE as an editing environment, but it will not let you work directly with Heroku.

There is a solution. There is an Aptana Studio plug-in for Eclipse. This plug-in adds a Web perspective and new project types and looks and feels exactly like the stand alone Aptana Studio. I have installed that and put out a revised starting VM. You will use this. When you look at the getting started movie you simply have to use Eclipse rather than Aptana Studo, and it will work just fine.